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Small town Hungary

The Puli is a medium-sized dog, males measuring 16-18 inches (40-46 cm) tall at the withers, and females 14-16 inches (35-41 cm).

Accepted colours are black, reddish-black, grey-reddish black, all shades of grey, white, and masked fawn. The black, reddish-black, and grey-reddish-black and white colours must always appear solid or uniform. The greys are a mixture of black and white hair and may be of varying shades on the same dog, and can range from silver to charcoal. The masked fawns have a black mask and usually black ear tips and tail tip. The fawn colour often lightens to a cream shade or fades to grey as the dog ages, while retaining the black mask.

The Puli is squarely built, fine-boned and wiry, with his tail curled over his back.

His head appears round due to the long hair overshadowing his eyes.

He does not impress with a beautiful clean-cut shape, but by his distinctive shaggy appearance.


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