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Small town Hungary

The Puli is one of the smartest of dogs, quite often seeming to be smarter than his owner! It is important that he receive some basic obedience training. - a bored Puli may become a problem Puli.

Obedience work and agility can take the place of the original sheepherding function as a "job" in the Puli's mind, and can be most fulfilling and exciting as Puli and owner work as a team. Many Pulis have done exceptionally well in formal obedience trials, and since the breed is active and energetic, they have also excelled in agility.

Most Pulis love to jump and cause a sensation when working in agility as they negotiate the obstacles at high speed, cords flying, the dog clearly having a wonderful time.

Sheepherding trials and tests are now available in many parts of the country. A number of Pulis have been certified at various skill levels, proving that even many generations removed from their hardworking sheepdog ancestors, the breed still retains the instinct and drive for its ancient and original function.

Performance Events

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