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Small town Hungary

Faithful and intelligent, the Puli makes an excellent housedog, and in fact a Puli will insist on becoming a family member and sharing your life. He used to share the very lonely life of the shepherds on the puszta or plains of Hungary, where thousands of cattle and sheep grazed. He is not a dog to shut away in a kennel.

The Puli's high spirits and energy make him an ideal playmate and guardian for children. He is devoted to his family, being a one-family dog rather than a one-person dog, and since he is very alert to his surroundings he makes an excellent watchdog.

Please note: he is not a guard dog, he doesn't have the size for that, but he makes an excellent watch dog. He will warn you of changes in his territory, such as a strange car in your driveway, a new cat in your yard, or even a piece of paper blowing across your lawn!


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